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For the Love of the Arts Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to reducing youth violence and crime, by providing fine arts mentorship and life skills courses focusing on social skills and mental wellness.

Vision: Youth will learn to tackle life's obstacles through utilizing coping skills developed in the form of the arts, combined with life skills and social skills. F.L.A aims to empower youth to see their potential by goal setting and achievement. Ultimately, helping youth to realize that life is about finding a balance and living for a purpose. Inspiring a love of learning is allowing youth to find what they love, then they will love to learn, in hopes that one day they will love to teach. We aim to create a model that can be shared and passed down from place to place and generation to generation.


“Inspire” Love of Learning:

Inspiring youth to have a passionate interest in gaining knowledge about the world and their place in it.

Young people who feel they have a purpose are less likely to be violent or exhibit criminal behavior because they realize their life has value and the consequences could result in them losing their desired outcome for their lives. "If you give people a reason to live they will live as if they do." S.Z.C

"I believe that if a young person is given the proper tools and guidance they will be able to succeed in whatever area they choose. Many factors play a role in the success of youth:
-Constructive Use of Time
-Commitment to Learning
-Positive Values
-Positive Identity

As an organization For the Love of the Arts Inc. has created a curriculum that is centered on the above aspects and rooted in our core values putting our best efforts into every young person who enters the doors of our program. We are centered around the word love because in a time where youth have access to so many different view points we believe that only love of self, learning, and community will ensure a better future for us all. Young people will not be young forever, they will go on lead, so thank you for supporting F.L.A and supporting a brighter future for our communities."
Sade' Z. Carrasquillo
F.L.A Youth Foundation President


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For the Love of the Arts Inc. takes pride in hiring qualified instructors with a passion for young people and the Arts. We hold our staff to high a standard that requires background checks and enforces a strict drug and alcohol policy.

Another great aspect of our program is that we employ High School and College students as Jr. Instructors to empower our students and keep our scope young and energetic.

Our goal is to raise up young people to become leaders and create a love of learning that will transform into a love of teaching. This model inspires students to do their very best and strive to one day have the opportunity to be employed with For the Love of the Arts Inc. as a Jr. Instructor.

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A huge thank you from all of us at For the Love of the Arts Inc! You are pioneers to a colorful world of self expression and a love of learning! Your support provided opportunities for young people who may have never discovered their talents had you not helped make it possible! Thank you for making our communities a brighter place for for us all!"

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